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Thursday, February 17, 2011

We've Moved!!!

Well we finally got our house!!! We made the offer in October 2010 and finally closed on December 28, 2010!!! Cole has done an amazing job fixing up the house and we are so happy and can't wait to continue making this house our home! 

Before we trimmed the trees and fixed up the yard.

Front door (storm brought lots of leaves!)

Entry way before

Entry way after

Living room before

Living room after

Kitchen and breakfast area before

Kitchen and breakfast area after

Breakfast area before

Breakfast/kitchen after
Office before

Office after

Guest room #1 before

Ready for paint

Guest room #1 after

Guest room #2 before

Ready for paint

Guest room #2 after (future baby room)

Huge backyard! (this is before we mowed)

Back of house

Our street!

We have lots of plans for the spring/summer to remodel the kitchen and guest bath. We will also be doing lots of landscaping in the front and backyard! I was so excited yesterday to see beautiful purple tulips blooming in the front garden! I guess the people before us planted them. Wish us luck!