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Friday, April 13, 2012

Mulder Family Update

It has been forever since I updated the blog and I am sure many of you are wondering what's going on in our little world! Since I am home sick today and can't go to hospital I figured I would make myself useful and do some blogging! The girls are almost 2 MONTHS old! Man does time fly.

Camryn Update:

She is such a little character! She grunts a lot and is now making lots of new sounds. She is pretty much a good baby and really only cries when she is hungry, tired, or dirty. She is our baby on the go since she has had to travel back and forth to the hospital with me since the day we were released from hospital. She loves to move and ride in the car. Camryn gets very bored fast though so we are constantly moving from swing to bouncy seat to tummy time on mat to rock n play chair or being held. She is great at breastfeeding and has pretty much stuck to the 3 hour schedule! (We are doing the Baby Wise and it seems to work) She has her 2 month doctor visit next week so I will update on her stats then.

2 Days old!

 Leaving hospital (only to return that night to see Chloe)

 Sweet girl

 Easter 2012

Chloe Update:

Chloe is our little sweetheart. She is the most patient little thing, just sits quietly waiting for nurses to start her feedings. She is very alert and will just look at you while talking to her. She loves to look out the window in the NICU and will do so for hours! The nurses there just love her and can't believe how grown up she is for her size. She has much better head control than Camryn and will follow sounds much better. Chloe is battling with severe reflux which causes so much pain and she has developed oral aversion because of it so she now refuses to breastfeed, bottle feed or even take passy. She will be transferred to Children's Memorial Hermann Downtown on Monday for additional tests and evaluation to see what our next step should be. I will update on her status once she is moved.

 First time to hold her!

 Tiny little angel!

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