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Monday, August 22, 2011

Baby Updates

Well, we had our second appointment and ultrasound at 9 weeks. Everything looks great! We love getting to see them and can't believe how much they have changed since our last appointment. They were moving their little arms and their heart beats were going strong! Baby A is a little hard to see because of his/her position so most of the pictures are either head on or from the back. Baby B we got a good profile picture. We go back on September 9th and I will be a little over 12 weeks then so can't wait to see how much they grow. We are supposed to find out their sexes at 15 weeks and we can't wait!!!
Both twins! They are sitting in T shape. You can see the face of baby B at bottom and back of baby A at top.

Baby B

Friday, August 5, 2011

Double the blessing!

Finally we can tell the World! We have anxiously been waiting the long two weeks after we took that pregnancy test until our first doctor's visit so that we can finally tell everyone the exciting news. And that's not all we then found out that we are having TWINS!!! I took a trip to Florida with my mom as an early birthday gift and the whole time I was there I just kept having this feeling that something was going on with my body. By the time I got home that Sunday I was pretty anxious to take that pregancy test to know for sure. Well I took a test and another and both said PREGNANT! We were both just standing there, smiling in shock. We wanted to call everyone we knew immediately but thought it would be best to wait until after the first appointment. At our first appointment we were expecting to just see how the baby was developing and see that little heart beat. When the ultrasound tech jokingly said lets just make sure there is not two in here. We both laughed and then she said wow there really are two. I said what, are you joking? She said no look! Sure enough there were two little babies with two little heart beats! We were both shocked and excited. I started laughing and crying so much she finaly had to say please be still so I can measure them. WOW talk about some exciting news! As soon as we left the doctor office we started calling everyone we knew to tell them! The most common reaction was OMG or You are kidding! Everyone was shocked but so excited. We decided to wait to tell my parents since we were going to dinner with them for my dad's birthday. I got him two of the exact same card and two of the exact same gifts. We was very confused as to why he got the exact same thing and just couldn't figure it out. My sister finally figured it out and said OMG! We told them yes it's TWINS! We feel VERY blessed and are VERY excited to start this new journey together!
Ironic that I took this picture with 2 positives for 2 babies!

First pictures of the twins! Due March 21, 2012!