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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Chloe Update

Well, miss Chloe had a check up with the surgeon yesterday to determine if and when she would need her second heart surgery. After several tests it was determined that her re-coarctation is very mild and will not require surgery at this time!!!! We go back in 6 months to check up and see how she is doing and they took her of the blood pressure medicine since her BP has continued to stay normal! We are very excited with this news and it's exactly what we prayed for. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

8 Months!!!

I can't believe it.....Camryn and Chloe are 8 months old!!!!
Why do they have to grow so fast?!

Here's what Camryn can do:
Crawl really fast
Pull up and stand on everything!
Stand by myself for several seconds
Scream really loud!
Making all kinds of new sounds with my mouth
Wave bye bye
Walk when pushing my toy
Climb on almost anything

Here's what Chloe can do:
Scoot and almost crawl
Pull up and stand in my crib
Scream really loud
Making all kinds of new sounds and talk to my sister
Wave bye bye
Throw my ball and whatever toy I may not want

The girls are getting to be so much fun! They interact with each other so much more which I love! My favorite is when they both stand in their cribs and "talk" to each other, it melts my heart! They move so much now that changing them has become a wrestling match! Hard to put a diaper on right or button a onesie when they are flipping in all directions or trying to crawl away LOL. They are both teething now which is not so fun for mommy! Hopefully they will hurry up and cut their teeth and we can move on to the next milestone! I am still making their food which I actually enjoy because I love to cook. Next week they will be starting on chicken!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Summer is over....

Well it was a great first summer with our girls! We spent many weekends at the lake and a few trips to see family. I'm disappointed that I have not been documenting more of the special moments (even the not so special ones) so that I can always look back and remember them! So, I am starting now and hope that I can keep up with documenting them even though our life is crazy. 
 "On the pontoon"

 Visiting family in Brenham

 Billy & Sarah's wedding

 Swimming with daddy!

 At the splash pad!

 First mini boat ride (we were still docked so they didn't have their life jackets on yet)

 Hanging out with Uncle Chase!

 Swinging at the park

 New swing at the lake!

It's amazing to me how even though my girls are twins and they are only 7 months old, they have two completely different personalities. Camryn, well she is a drama queen to say the least! That girl knows how to turn the water works on when she is upset or wants something and she puckers that bottom lip out to get extra attention especially if she got hurt LOL. She is very sweet and loves to give hugs and loves to be kissed. She is our clown too. I don't know what it is about her little giggle but it's contagious and never fails to make me laugh! She loves to make sounds and has come up with some pretty interesting ones lately. For example, if you give her some cold water from a straw she makes this really funny sound where she sucks in air and acts like she has a brain freeze. She will do it before you even give her the water now LOL. We have a climber! She is obsessed with climbing on everything and it's scary. Her favorite is to climb on the bouncy seat and then stand up in it and if it's near the couch she will try to climb on the couch from it. She even tries to climb on top of the activity table but can't quite get her leg up on it yet. Needless to say Cole and I have our hands full with her alone! Camryn is a speed racer in her walker, and can navigate around just about anything in her way (even if she has to run it over). She loves to try and run over our dog and my mom's cat. Her favorite is to come in the kitchen (which is tiny) and pull my dish towel off and then leave it on the floor. Her most recent accomplishment at making a mess was pulling the small cooler bag off the bar stool (guess I shouldn't have left the strap hanging) and all of its contents (water, ice, empty baby food container, empty bottle) fell to the floor! My favorite part of all that is the simple joy that she got from stomping her feet in the water puddle LOL. 

 Look mom I can stand up!

 Climbing on top of sister...I see lots of booboos in our future with these two!

 Found the dog bowls!

Hard to see but she is stomping her feet in the water mess. (Presley is in bottom right licking up water)

Chloe is such a little sweet heart (with a little bit of diva) she loves to smile at everyone and I'm pretty sure its the cutest smile ever. The diva comes out when she doesn't get what she wants and she is a girl that know what she wants! She has to have HER wubba nub passy, I tried to replace it with the same one but an elephant instead of the caterpillar (hers was getting really dirty) and she just threw it down and cried knowing it was not hers....guess I will just have to wash hers daily! She prefers to sit back and watch everything especially what sister is doing and then she will try it herself. For example when Camryn started rolling over, Chloe would just lay there and watch her for days doing it and then one day out of nowhere Chloe started rolling over. The same with crawling, but she has difficulty holding herself up for very long because of her heart. Chloe loves animals especially dogs and will laugh and smile every time she sees one (I guess there will be puppies and kittens in our future LOL). 
 Trying to crawl!

 Love that smile!

At the lake with Neenee!

My absolute favorite time of day is the morning with my girls. I love to hear them chatting and playing on the monitor when they wake up (I let them do that for about 20 minutes) I love the big smiles when I do go in their room it makes the late nights so worth it! Camryn is usually sitting or standing in her crib so I see her first and she will usually give a little giggle then Chloe will be on all fours and she gets so excited to see me she falls over LOL. I love those moments! My next favorite would be drinking my coffee because I usually need it LOL.