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Monday, September 12, 2011

12 Weeks

We had our check up at 12 weeks on Friday along with some blood work. Cole was not able to go so my mom was thrilled to be able to go with me this time! We both enjoyed getting to see how much the babies have changed and how much they are moving! Baby B had the hicups which was so neat to see and since baby B is sitting on baby A he/she was moving all over and kicking and waving their arms. The doctor thinks baby A is a boy but we won't know for sure until October 7th! We couldn't get a good look at baby B since they had their legs curled up most of the time.

 Baby A with a leg up!

Baby B

Size of babies: Two little plums!

Weight gain: Lost 5-6 pounds until about 10 weeks and now I have gained 4-5 pounds. Gaining weight for these two is much harder of a task than I imagined! I am hoping in the 2nd trimester I am able to gain more weight since our goal is for 2 chubby and healthy twins!

Cravings: Homemade cookies, fruit, cereal, chocolate milk, and cheetos (all the healthy stuff ha!). Still a little nauseous in the evenings which makes eating dinner tricky. I am ready for the nausea and food aversions to go away!